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(Between a member leaving the Board and one or two current Board members)

An exit interview is a good way to thank an outgoing Board member for their contributions to the Board, and get their ideas on what worked and didn't work in their Board. An exit interview helps the member have a positive closure with the Board. This will make them a better ambassador for the Board, and will add to their positive experiences as a co-op member. Ideally, the exit interview should be done following the last Board meeting of the member's term and before the Annual meeting. The exit interview should be conducted by a Board member (or two) that the outgoing member feels very comfortable with. If the outgoing member would rather just write out their answers, that's fine... whatever they're comfortable with!

Attached are some suggested questions for an exit interview. Think about what info you're hoping to get from the interview and what positive thoughts you want to communicate. Then add your own questions and comments! The exit interview should feel more like a chat among friends & neighbors, and less like a formal interview, so do whatever you like to make it fun and comfortable!

Before you jump in on any questions, do a big round of thank yous. Thank the outgoing Board member for their contributions.
Outgoing Board Member Questionnaire

Before you leave the Board, please help us to make the co-op an even better place by answering the following questions. Your honest responses are greatly appreciated!

1. What did you like about being on the Board?

2. What things about the Board could use improvement?

3. Do you have any suggestions for how to make these improvements?

4. Did you feel like your contributions to the Board were fully appreciated?

5. Did you feel like your contributions in meetings were listened to and respected?

6. What do you think about how decisions were made by the Board? (Any suggestions for improvement?)

7. What are some things that would be important to tell Board candidates about the Board?

8. Are there any other suggestions you have for how to make the Board and the co-op the best it can possibly be?

9. Please pass along any additional comments or suggestions in the space below. Thank you!



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