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Editor's Note: The following policy is one way of addressing businesses in the home. Like all policies, it should vary with the specifics of the environment in which it is applied. Start with this, and make changes according to your own development.

The co-op needs to adhere to the local city ordinance requiring that no resident shall display signs of any type in and about the premises, including window areas.

In addition residents should show consideration around how their business affects traffic in hallways and noise. Hallways and common areas are intended for residential use only. Any business activity shall not intrude on residential use i.e. no loitering.announce.wmf (5806 bytes)

A business must present itself before the Tax Credit Partnership if a zoning permit is required for any activity.

Customers/business associates are subject to the co-op's guest policy.

Any Member's business-in-the-home which requires customer/business associates to visit must have business hours approved by the Board.




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