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* Success Stories

bulletChicago's "Quiet Revolution"
bulletResidents in Action: Going Toe to Toe with the Big Dig

* The "Co-op Speak" Dictionary - learn to speak Co-op

* Everything (almost) that a Board needs to Know

bulletAnnual Meetings - Why have them; Preparing Packets
bulletBoard Exit Interviews
bulletBoard Recruitment
bulletBoard Responsibilities
bulletBoard Training
bulletBusinesses in the Home
bulletCreating a Mobile Home Park Co-op
bulletDamage Policy
bulletEvaluating your Manager
bulletFinancing Affordable Housing
bulletGuest Policy
bulletLimiting Equity
bulletManufactured Housing in New Hampshire
bulletMember Participation - Thoughts; Sample Policy; Assessing Participation
bulletPreparing Minutes of Meetings
bulletPet Policy
bulletPurchasing Procedures
bulletRequest for Proposals from Auditors (sample document)
bulletRequest for Proposals from Managers (sample document)
bulletRepresenting Your Co-op in Court
bulletSelecting a Property Manager
bulletSexual Harassment Policy
bulletSnow Removal
bulletSpending Policy
bulletTaxes and Co-ops
bulletViolations of Lease





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