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Editor's Note: The following policy is one way of addressing guests.Like all policies, it should vary with the specifics of the environment in which it is applied. Start with this, and make changes according to your own development.

Guest Policy

1. A guest is a non-member who is staying with a co-op member.

2. Guests are expected to follow the same policies and rules of conduct as co-op members.

3. If a guest will stay for more than 2 weeks, the host member must inform the Board and management agent and also tell her/him the length of stay so that the she/he can determine if a new income verification is necessary. If the management agent determines that the guest has "moved in" based on Low Income Housing Tax Credit regulations, a new income certification is required for the household. In this case, the guest will also be required to go through the co-op's application process and orientation.

4. Members with Section 8 must check with their Housing Authority for rules regarding guests.

5. Members may not have guests for more than 14 days in a one month time frame without special approval by the Board.

6. Manipulation or disregard of this policy will cause the Membership Committee to send a warning notice to the host member. A second violation will be referred to the Board of Directors.

7. The host member of the co-op is responsible for her/his guest(s)' behavior, and will be held accountable for any lease violations committed by the guest.

8. Protocol for co-op members to use when a guest violates a policy or any other aspect of the proprietary lease:

a. Introduce yourself to the guest

b. Obtain the name of the guest and his/her host.

c. Inform the guest=s host of the policy their guest is violating. Ask the host to speak with their guest to stop violating the policy.

d. If the guest continues to violate the policy, inform the guest of the policy she/he is violating and the rationale behind the policy.

e. If the guest continues to violate the policy, contact the host again.

f. If the host is not available or cannot help, ask the guest to leave.

g. If the guest refuses to leave, call the police.




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