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These wonderful tips are courtesy of Cheryl Capodilupo of the Presidential Gardens Neighborhood Association.

Tips to Assure MOST of your Newsletter will get Read

bulletGossip, gossip and more gossip, without offending anyone of course. Residents love to read about themselves. Create a gossip column with a catchy title and make sure to run it each month. Flip through your birthday lists and list all the birthdays, anniversaries, etc., that you know of for that month. Invite residents to call you with information such as report cards, engagements, births, etc. Residents will look forward to this each month and will tend to read the rest of the news as well.
bulletUse resident names when advertising an event, such as Edna Smith and Rose Diodati each won two games at the last Bingo game. Join us this month and you may be one of the lucky winners.
bulletMaking good examples out of residents encourages compliance as opposed to just pointing out policy breakers. Last week we noticed several ice cream wrappers on the ground after the ice cream truck left the property. yesterday, Norm observed Mason, Priscilla, Geneva and Gina throw their wrappers in the barrels near the playground. A big thumbs up to all of the kids who are now using the trash receptacles or the dumpsters.
bulletHave columns that run every month that always have the same title such as the Garden Gate, Residents in the News, etc. Residents look forward to these items and will read the newsletter as they search for their stories.
bulletResidents will read through the financial reports, the management updates, and even the "Rent is Due" reminders when Newsletters are enjoyable.



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