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Editor's Note: The following policy is one way of addressing sexual harassment. Like all policies, it should vary with the specifics of the environment in which it is applied. Start with this, and make changes according to your own development.

Sexual harassment at the Co-op will not be tolerated. This includes sexual harassment in both the business and living environments of the co-op. Immediate action shall be taken against any individual who sexually harasses a member, guest or contracted employee of the Co-op.

Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination which subjects its targets to unwanted sexual attention.

Sexual harassment may be manifested by, but is not limited to, actions that are targeted at individuals or disruptive of the work or living environment such as: Repeated sex stereotyped comments or depictions; innuendo; Generalized resistance and/or hostility toward persons of one sex or sexual preference; Sexually explicit derogatory comments or remarks; propositions; suggestive activity or other sex-linked behavior by promise of rewards or threat of punishment; subtle pressure for sexual activity (physically touching, patting, pinching, brushing against another=s body, etc.); coercion of sexual activity by threat of punishment; or retaliation for refusal to comply with any form of sexual harassment.

The Co-op does not condone and will not tolerate any type of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a serious lease violation under Section 5 of the Proprietary Lease. Any resident of the Co-op who sexually harasses another resident, guest, or contracted employee of the Co-op will be subject to disciplinary measures up to and including termination of Membership and eviction. Violations of the sexual harassment policy by guests of a resident shall be considered violations of the Proprietary Lease by the resident. You are responsible for your guests' adherence to all Co-op policies. Violation of the sexual harassment policy by a contracted employee of the Co-op shall be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Members, guests, or contracted employees of the Co-op who feel they have been or are being sexually harassed should inform the Management Agent immediately.



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