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Massachusetts Resident-Controlled Housing
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Vermont Co-ops

Many people come to this page because they have a friend who lives in a co-op, and pays very little money every month in carrying charges (what rent is called in co-ops). But not all co-ops are affordable, and those that are, are no easier to get into than any other subsidized housing. So if what you really need is housing you can afford, check out one of the lists above, but also look at other resources for  affordable housing.
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On the other hand, if you are really looking for housing where the Residents are the Boss, where you might even be part owner...
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Your first step should be to think about where you want to live. Then think about how much money (if any) you have for up front. If you have very little, limited equity condos are probably out. Then take a look at a Resident Controlled Housing List. Find properties that look interesting. Look them up in the phone book (sorry we don't have contact numbers), and go out for a visit. If they look interesting, apply. Many have long waiting lists, but they are worth it! Apply now, and look forward to cooperative living a few years down the road.

In the future, we will maintain a vacancy list and a list of resident-controlled properties with open waiting lists. If you know of vacancies, let us know!



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