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Welcome to your source of information about Housing Cooperatives or any other type of affordable, resident controlled multi-family housing. Explore the windows of the house below for much more information.
Does this page have a certain "retro" look? Remind you of the web, circa 1998? Well, there is a good reason. When the Association for Resident Control of Housing folded up the tent around 1999, I wanted to make sure that everything that we had learned about Resident-Controlled Housing did not disappear into the ether. So I created this site, which is essentially a "brain dump" of 12 years of immersion in Resident-Controlled housing.

Today, I am working in a new field (where I don't have meetings 4 nights a week. I am doing database consulting, especially using the web database
Quickbase Stop by and see what it is all about!

Info from The Association for Resident Control of Housing, the Cumberland Green Cooperative, Barkan Management, The Institute for Community Economics, The Community Builders, McCullough, Stievater, and Polvere, Chicago Mutual Housing Network the Burlington (VT) Community Land Trust, the Presidential Gardens Neighborhood Association, Ernie Eden, the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, Peter White, and the National Association of Housing Cooperatives.

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